Monday, February 23, 2015

Baby Approved Smoothie

Hello lovelies,

I have always loved making and drinking smoothies. You can add whatever you want and it's an easy way to get most of your fruit/veggies for the day in one amazingly packed drink!

Wanting the same benefits for my little girl, I have been making smoothies for her lunch everyday, for the past week. She loves the sweetness it provides in taste and doesn't know that I've snuck in a few other things in there too. That is the main reason why I love smoothies for myself and her, I can add different fruits and veggies and mask the taste.

Here is the recipe.

- 1 handful of spinach/kale leaves

- 1/3 banana

- 1 tbsp plain greek yogurt

- 2 inch cucumber with the skin on; chop into 1/4 inch pieces

- 1/2 chopped celery stock

- 2 tbsp avocado

- 1 handful of frozen berries

- 1-2 tbsp finely ground oats

- 2 splashes of water

Using a blender, blend everything together until you get a smooth consistency (beware of any hidden chunks, that could be hazardous to baby)

My daughter was in love with this smoothie, I fed it to her with a spoon and she just couldn't get enough.

I hope you and your little ones enjoyed this recipe! 

Until next time,
Jennine's mommy.