Friday, January 24, 2014

Weeks 1-12; 1st Trimester

Hello lovelies,

Being pregnant has honeslty been the most beautiful experience for me thus far. Getting to see my baby, feel my baby and just know that my little cupcake is growing strong and healthy makes me so happy. I have loved every minute of being pregnant,  mind you I did have some not so pleasant and/or scary bumps along the way too.

Week by week here are some notes on what baby and I have been going through.

Starting measurements and weight
Waist(smallest part): 25 1/2"
Hips(widest part): 36"

Week One:
Started feeling short of breath, more than usual. I have asthma, but it wasn't from that and I could tell the difference.
Also started feeling as though I had to go to the bathroom more often.

Week Two:
Missed my period and took an at home test two days later. The test was negative, but I couldn't help fight the feeling that I was really pregnant this time.

Week Three:
Went to my doctors for a blood test. Got the results back and they were positive!!

Week Four:
Motion sickness slowly started to kick in.
Any foods that were too sweet or sugary that I usually love, were now making me feel nauseous. Prefer anything salty and/or crunchy.
- so bloated now too!
- migraines were starting
- always hungry

Week Five:
Started spotting dark red, so we went to the ER. They tried to do an ultrasound, but could only see what looked like a yolk sac and weren't sure what was wrong.
The bleeding stopped at the end of the night. The doctor however told me to get another blood test done at my dr.'s and to go for a proper ultrasound with the next couple of days.
- still bloated all the time.
- still had migraines
- always hungry

Week Six:
It was time for my ultrasound and I started to bleed again, this time a lot more. Back to the ER we went (by we I mean my fiance and I). They told me either the placenta seperated or I could have a sub-chorionic hematomma; a blood clot in my uterus.
Had an ultrasound done at the hospital,  but the image wasn't very clear. Saw a tiny gestational sac. Doctor told me to schedule another ultrasound at a proper clinic.
- nausea in the am a few days, but no vomit
- abs were hurting like I did too many crunches.
- motion sickness in the car, especially when hungry
- shortness of breath

Week Seven:
Still bleeding. Had a lot of pain similar to cramping.
Finally got to see our baby at the ultrasound clinic and they were checking for the SCH.
Baby was .3cm long. 
- nausea different times of the day, especially when hungry
- migraines
- tired
- shortness of breath
- a little disoriented at times
- irritable at times
- jeans beginning to feel a bit tight.
- dry lips and skin
- slightly heightened sense of smell
- loosing some appetite;  not always as hungry

Week Eight:
Had another ultrasound at a clinic and baby was at 5.9mm. SCH was confirmed this time.
Bleeding was beginning to slow down over night, but picked up other nights.
- nausea and motion sickness
- tired all of the time
- dry lips and skin still
- started to vomit after breakfast 3 days in a row. Thought could be due to prenatals.
- cannot stand to look at raw meats
- still bleeding

Week Nine:
- waist size getting a bit bigger. Now at 26 6/8"
- started to notice a teeny tiny bump!
- nausea
- threw up again one morning
- starting to get some of my appetite back
- motion sickness in the car
- still bleeding

Week Ten:
- motion sickness at night
- tired all of the time
- shortness of breath
- bad cramping from the bleeding and some pain when trying to bend

Week Eleven:
- still bleeding
- had another ultrasound. I think baby was asleep, wasn't very active, but still moving.
- threw up again on an empty stomach after taking my prenatal vitamin.
- motion sickness
- light headed at times
- shortness of breath

Waist: 27 3/8"
Hips: 36 1/2"
Belly: 33 2/8"

Week Twelve:
- I can no longer button my jeans. I need an elastic wrapped around the button to secure them, on my biggest pair!!!
Now caught in only leggings! :(
- popped a bit and have a little baby bump!! Did a photoshoot with my fiancé of my belly.
- bleeding slowing down during the day, but heavy overnight.

So that is a recap of my first twelve weeks of pregnancy!!!! I cannot believe how fast everything is moving.
I plan to do my next post hopefully by the end of the week, recapping weeks 13- 20 (where I am now).
I will also keep on doing random posts inbetween. Let me know what you want to see!!

Thanks so much for reading and check out the bottom of the post for belly pics through out my first twelve weeks!!!!

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Friday, January 17, 2014

First Pair of Maternity Pants

Hello lovelies,

So, I caved and last week went out to buy my first pair of Maternity pants. Now, I wasn't necessarily looking for "maternity" pants, but just pants that were comfy and wouldn't bug or get in the way of my growing belly.

My fiance and I went to Old Navy and I immediately went to their active wear section to look for yoga style pants, because I am not usually a fan of the maternity style selection. I found a few pairs of comfy work out pants that I liked and some loose tops plain tops in their sale section. Making our way to the cash I thought or my fiance suggested why not check out the maternity pants instead and they had maternity active wear, which I originally knew nothing about. So, instead of getting the regular active wear pants I bought a pair of maternity active wear pants and I love them!!!!

The pair I got are black and the band goes all the way to the top of my growing belly. I am still in the stage of wearing everything inappropriately low so it doesn't touch my belly, so I just fold them over and they are perfect. I don't however like the material I picked up, because it is the type of material that almost everything sticks to. Aside from the material they are super comfy and I can definitely see myself wearing them through my whole pregnancy and possibly even afterwards with the band just folded over.

Here is a picture of the pants (I am wearing them in my Latest Bump Pic >>>)
They are called the Compression pants
You can check them out online here

The price online and in-store was different for me. They were I believe $29 here in Canada plus they were having a 50% off sale when I got them.

Hope this post was helpful if you are expecting and need some comfy pants to wear!!

Until next time....


How We Found Out

Hello lovelies,

For my first post I wanted to tell you all how we found out that I was pregnant!!!!

I am currently as of today 19 weeks and 2days pregnant and if you follow my other blog than you will already know this story....

My fiance and I found out that I was pregnant on Friday, October 4th, 2013. We hadn't been exactly trying to get pregnant, mind you we weren't preventing it either. We wanted to have a baby yes but, whenever God thought it would be the right time to give us one and it turns out that this was the time. When we found out, I thought I was anywhere from 5-7 weeks due to my LMP, but turns out I was wrong.

One week prior to us "officially" finding out, I had taken a pregnancy test at home that turned out to be negative. I did not take this test very seriously, because I still really felt like I was pregnant. So, on Thursday, October 3rd I went to my Family Doctor to get a blood test done. I called my doctors office the next day to get the results and lone behold, I was pregnant!!! I was on my break at work and could not wait to tell my fiance the news, so I called him right away. At first he didn't believe me and though that I was joking but, hardly being able to breath and talk because of the huge smile that was stuck on my face he started to believe me. We were and are both so happy and excited to be parents!!!

 When I went to see my doctor the following week to actually confirm my results I thought my hcg level was low (86) for 5-7 weeks, but now knowing that I was really only 4 weeks and 3 weeks when I had the test done it made sense.

We kept my pregnancy a secret from everyone except for a very small select group of close friends and our parents and siblings, until I hit the 12 week mark and knew for sure that our baby was healthy.

In the beginning of the pregnancy we did have a couple of scares that lasted longer then we had hoped, but I will get to that and more in another post which will be the Happenings of my Pregnancy from weeks 1-12. expect my next post to be up in the next few days!!!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope that you will enjoy following me on My Mommy Journey!!

Please also share in the comments section if you are expecting and have a blog too, or if you are a new mommy blogger. I would love to read and share experiences with other preggo or mommy bloggers!!

Until next time....