Friday, January 17, 2014

How We Found Out

Hello lovelies,

For my first post I wanted to tell you all how we found out that I was pregnant!!!!

I am currently as of today 19 weeks and 2days pregnant and if you follow my other blog than you will already know this story....

My fiance and I found out that I was pregnant on Friday, October 4th, 2013. We hadn't been exactly trying to get pregnant, mind you we weren't preventing it either. We wanted to have a baby yes but, whenever God thought it would be the right time to give us one and it turns out that this was the time. When we found out, I thought I was anywhere from 5-7 weeks due to my LMP, but turns out I was wrong.

One week prior to us "officially" finding out, I had taken a pregnancy test at home that turned out to be negative. I did not take this test very seriously, because I still really felt like I was pregnant. So, on Thursday, October 3rd I went to my Family Doctor to get a blood test done. I called my doctors office the next day to get the results and lone behold, I was pregnant!!! I was on my break at work and could not wait to tell my fiance the news, so I called him right away. At first he didn't believe me and though that I was joking but, hardly being able to breath and talk because of the huge smile that was stuck on my face he started to believe me. We were and are both so happy and excited to be parents!!!

 When I went to see my doctor the following week to actually confirm my results I thought my hcg level was low (86) for 5-7 weeks, but now knowing that I was really only 4 weeks and 3 weeks when I had the test done it made sense.

We kept my pregnancy a secret from everyone except for a very small select group of close friends and our parents and siblings, until I hit the 12 week mark and knew for sure that our baby was healthy.

In the beginning of the pregnancy we did have a couple of scares that lasted longer then we had hoped, but I will get to that and more in another post which will be the Happenings of my Pregnancy from weeks 1-12. expect my next post to be up in the next few days!!!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope that you will enjoy following me on My Mommy Journey!!

Please also share in the comments section if you are expecting and have a blog too, or if you are a new mommy blogger. I would love to read and share experiences with other preggo or mommy bloggers!!

Until next time....


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