Friday, January 17, 2014

First Pair of Maternity Pants

Hello lovelies,

So, I caved and last week went out to buy my first pair of Maternity pants. Now, I wasn't necessarily looking for "maternity" pants, but just pants that were comfy and wouldn't bug or get in the way of my growing belly.

My fiance and I went to Old Navy and I immediately went to their active wear section to look for yoga style pants, because I am not usually a fan of the maternity style selection. I found a few pairs of comfy work out pants that I liked and some loose tops plain tops in their sale section. Making our way to the cash I thought or my fiance suggested why not check out the maternity pants instead and they had maternity active wear, which I originally knew nothing about. So, instead of getting the regular active wear pants I bought a pair of maternity active wear pants and I love them!!!!

The pair I got are black and the band goes all the way to the top of my growing belly. I am still in the stage of wearing everything inappropriately low so it doesn't touch my belly, so I just fold them over and they are perfect. I don't however like the material I picked up, because it is the type of material that almost everything sticks to. Aside from the material they are super comfy and I can definitely see myself wearing them through my whole pregnancy and possibly even afterwards with the band just folded over.

Here is a picture of the pants (I am wearing them in my Latest Bump Pic >>>)
They are called the Compression pants
You can check them out online here

The price online and in-store was different for me. They were I believe $29 here in Canada plus they were having a 50% off sale when I got them.

Hope this post was helpful if you are expecting and need some comfy pants to wear!!

Until next time....


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