Friday, April 11, 2014

Put on sick leave, until after baby arrives.

Hello lovelies,

Yesterday morning at 5am I woke up with a full bladder and made my normal trip to the bathroom(in the dark). While there something was off, so I turned on the lights and yelled to my fiancé. I was bleeding tremendously.
I had bleeding weeks 5-15 from SCH, but this wasn't that, not this far into the pregnancy(31 weeks).

We packed up a hospital bag(minus baby stuff, as we were not yet that prepared), got cleaned up and rushed to the ER. Being as far as I am in my pregnancy, they sent us straight up to the maternity ward and started to check me out. They checked my cervix did some tests and a quick ultrasound to check on baby.

My cervix was still closed and they could not find crystals in my blood indicating that my water had broke, but wanted to prepare me for all possibilities. I was given a thorough ultrasound to check her measurments and for placenta preavia and everything looked normal. Baby girl was measuring on track and weighs 3lbs 7oz so far. The nurse also gave me a shot to help mature her lungs incase she comes early and I got my second and last shot for her lungs today.

My doctor had come to the hospital to check on me and informed me I would not be going home for at least a day or two.
The bleeding stopped overnight, just dark brown and very, very minimal. Nurses kept on coming in to check on baby and I through out the night and all was good with both of us.

Now today, my doctor came to see me again today and I told her how I was feeling and asked when I could go back to work ('cause I'm such an eager muffin lol) and she informed me that there is no way I will be going back to work. She said I may get to home tomorrow if i stop bleeding and if I do, it is to do the same thing as I am doing here in the hospital (yay...not).

I love this little girl so much and I want to do everything for her to make sure she is healthy and safe, but damn what am I supposed to do for the next two months, if she stays in there. By all means I do want her to stay in there too and keep on maturing, I just feel useless not being able to do anything and I'm only technically on day two of rest.

I'm thinking that this will at least give me more time to prep for her, like get her laundry done and help my sil with the baby shower prep that is still left and of course blog!! But, oi am I going to be bored and probably annoy the heck out of my fiancé every day....ha ha.

Sorry for the semi-long post.
Is or has anyone else been in a similar boat and able to relate?
What did you do while on sick leave, to help pass the time?

Thanks so much for those of you who made it to the end of this post!!!

31weeks 1day
EDD June 12th

Until next time....


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