Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pregnancy Weeks 20-25

Hello lovelies,

March was a very hectic month for me as my fiancé and I moved into our new condo and officially got settled. Other days I have just been tired and exhausted.
I have loved every minute of this pregnancy so far and I have no regrets whatsoever. The only things I really miss about not being pregnant is that fact that I could wear whatever I wanted!!! Now I can't even fit my pants over my thighs :(, but it will all be worth it very soon.

Here is a recap of my 20th to my 25th week of pregnancy....

Week Twenty:
- lots of congestion still
- upset stomach and gasy if I eat anything too greasy or with too much oil. This baby is already a health freak.
- weird muscle spasms that cause me to involuntarily kick or squirm from baby kicks and punches.
- Dr.'s appt and another ultrasound this week
Weighing in at 131lbs,  gained a total 14 lbs so far.

Week Twenty-one:
- dry cough duting the night
- sore joints, especially my knees
- extremely exhausted
- really bad back pain some days
Waistline 30 3/8" that is a total of 5" bigger then pre-pregnancy on the smallest part of my waist
Belly 36 2/8"

Week Twenty-two
- starving omg!!
- nausea in the am on some days
- back pain
- dry itchy skin, especially itchy on my belly

Week Twenty-three
- saw baby's kicks when I was laying down :)
- chest pains
- bleeding gums still
- very itchy belly
- feel my stomach is so big that I am literally going to POP!
- more energy on some days
- exhausted on other days
- back pain
- extremely dry and itchy skin all over
Belly now @ 36 6/8" and waist @ 32 1/8"

Week Twenty-four
- light head aches
- dry cracked lips
- exhausted
- felt baby hiccups for the first time
- nerve pain in my lower back limiting and almost disabling certain movements. Happened four times for short periods.
- sore joints, knees and my wrists
- very active movements from baby
- glucose and blood test this week.
- Dr.'s appt. Now at 140lbs, 23lbs in total.
Heard baby's heart beat and it is fast as always. Everything looks and sounds good from the doctors point of view yay!!

Week Twenty-five
Moving week for us, so I really didn't keep track or record anything for this week.
- itchy belly
- exhausted
- sore joints
- starving all of the time!

My most memorable moments of these past five weeks, were seeing my baby's movements for the first time and getting to hear the heart beat.

What were some of your most memorable moments of the second trimester of your pregnancy?

Thanks so much for reading everyone and continuing to follow me on this amazing journey!

Until next time....


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