Monday, February 24, 2014

Stretch Marks - To be, or not to be?

Hello lovelies,

I don't know about you, but stretch marks are a part of my everyday life. From a big growth spurt as an adolescent I developed stretch marks quite young, which has delivered the anticipated fear of more during pregnancy(yikes!). They currently exist on my hips and butt, but are very light in colour.

Now, on to pregnancy stretch marks...

Now being 24 weeks and 4 days pregnant and feeling everyday like my stomach is so big that it is going to pop, I have yet to develop any new stretch marks (thank God). They say stretch marks are hereditary and that if your mother had them then you will too. I'm not sure if I was the result of any of my moms stretch marks, but I hope that my little cupcake wont be the result of any more for me.

There are two products that I use regularly to "lube" up my skin and so far *fingers crossed* they have been working great for me.

Product #1
I bought this product when I first "popped" a bit around my 12 week mark. I was using this product everyday at night. Being on the more expensive and greasy side I didn't want to use too much at a time. I also started getting really itchy and didn't want to get oil on my clothes, so I also started to use.....

Product #2
Cocoa Radiance moisturizer.
This is a product that my fiancé and I always have in the house, but for some reason I never thought to use it on my belly.

As I started to get really itchy on my belly I started to use both items together. In the morning I use the Vaseline moisturizer and any time my tummy gets itchy during the day. I will usually use the Bio-oil at night, before bed and after a shower and then apply the Vaseline on top. The Bio-oil I will apply just to my hips, thighs, belly and upper half. I apply the Vaseline pretty much everywhere as it is a regular moisturizer.

Now, do either of these products really work for the prevention of stretch marks you ask?
That is an answer that I cannot give, because every woman and every pregnancy is different however, they have been working amazing for me thus far.

Will I continue to use/repurchase either or both of these products?
Definitely! I will do everything it takes to prevent stretch marks no matter what any one says.

Would I recommend either of these products to a friend?
Heck yes! Who is to say whether or not they will really prevent stretch marks or scarring, but who doesn't at least want to try.

What is your holy grail product for preventing/reducing stretch marks during pregnancy?

Thanks for reading everyone!!

Until next time...


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