Monday, December 1, 2014

Confessions of a First Time Mom #2

Hello lovelies,

This week's topic - Baby Photos

 As a kid I believe as a family we had one maybe two cameras at the most, one being a polaroid and the other a regular point and shoot film camera. We generally only took pictures on special occasions, or if we were going somewhere new (like to  an amusement park etc..). I remember the first time I was given my own camera, I was taking selfies before the "selfie" was ever a "thing". The bad thing about cameras back in the day was that you had to fill up the entire roll of film and then wait forever to finally see your pictures (aside from polaroids). When you finally got your film back you don't even remember taking half of the pictures and you end up trying to figure out what you even took a picture of (that selfie was taken WAY too close).

With technological advances we now have the gift (or lack) of having a camera with us everywhere we go and not having to wait weeks to see our pictures. These days who doesn't have a camera built-in on their phone, which makes photo taking that much more accessible and dangerous.
Being (the camera whore that I am) a first time mom I can't even count the amount of pictures I have on my phone, (and on my computer, on my fiancĂ©s phone, on my camera, on my Ipod, the list goes on ....) of myself, I mean my daughter ha..ha.. Honestly though I take at least 5 pictures of her (not myself, on most days ;) ) a day. I take them mostly to send to my fiancĂ© while he is at work, but then I can't bare to delete them. I must have at least 50 pictures of her giving me the same "mommy hurry up and just take the picture already!" face, but she is just too cute and to me none of them look the same. 

I have filled up my external memory card and my phone now runs like a mule, it is so slow!!!! I seriously need to buy a hundred digital frames to store all of our pictures of her and she is only barely seven months old. You better believe that this girl is going to have a scrapbook for every event in her life (whenever I find the time to start and finish them all, I am still on number one).

How often do you take pictures of your little ones?  Please tell me that there is a support group for mama's like me (where all we really do is just share our thousands of pictures).

 Until next time....
aka Jennine's mommy

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